Buying Tips! 

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* Below are a few tips for making purchases *


The "Shop" on the website is separated into three pages: 

1.  "Ready to Ship" - Items on this page (items not already labeled as "sold out") are made, done, finished, complete, and ready to ship.  As soon as the purchase is complete on this page, these items will ship within 2 business days. 

2.  "Ready to Order" - Items on this page are a few of the most commonly requested items.  These items can be ordered straight from this page.  Simply add the item you'd like to purchase to the cart, choose what thread color you'd like, and your item will be hand made and shipped.  

The current lead time on new orders is about 14 weeks.  This estimate is subject to change.  

If you have any questions about the lead time or the order itself, please feel free to contact me any time. 

3.  "Custom Orders" - This page is reserved for custom order requests (aside from "Ready to ship" and "Ready to Order").  This is where customers go to complete their purchases for those custom orders.  


4. The other option available is to contact me directly with information you're interested in.  From there we can discuss the item, specifics, cost and estimated lead time.  

Contact me directly here ----->  Contact.