Q:  What is the current lead time on new orders? 

 A:   14 - 16 weeks (this fluctuates, so check back from time to time). 



Q:  Can you send me a copy of the pattern you use for (_____)?

A:  No.


Q:  Nine of my friends and co-workers are raving about their Mascon wallets.  I saw the items on your website and love the attention to detail, gorgeous craftsmanship, and the quality leathers used.  But I can’t see paying “X” for a wallet. 

A:  Many options exist.   Here are a two:

1.      Cut back on the daily Venti or Trenta Starbucks coffee for a few weeks and purchase a proper Mascon wallet with the money you’ve just saved.

2.      Wal-Mart sells wallets.  Most stores are open 24 hours a day and there’s usually a Starbucks nearby.


Q:  The wallet I bought from Macy’s Department store last summer only lasted about a year before falling apart.  How long will a Mascon wallet last me?

A:  Probably your whole life.  If there's ever an issue with it, let me know and I'll make it right. 


Q:  I received the Tall Tennyson wallet and the top of the wallet sticks out of my rear pocket.  Suggestions?

A:  This style of wallet is sometimes referred to as a “breast pocket” wallet.  Designed for the breast pocket of a suit or sport coat jacket.   However, 90% of people using breast pocket wallets carry their wallets in their rear pockets.  

A number of options exist for your dilemma, but here are three quick solutions:

1.      Wear a sports coat.

2.      Let it stick out and consider it an “easy access” wallet (and it looks cool that way).

3.      Purchase a Chunky Charlie, Hinton, Tiny Tim, Heller, Sangiago, or Hamlet wallet.  All of these fit into the rear pocket of a rear standard jeans pocket.


Q:  I’ve been carrying my Mascon wallet in my rear jeans pocket for a few days now.  It’s taken the shape of my left rear butt cheek.

A: That’s a good thing.


Q:  It’s been a year now, and my Mascon wallet looks different.  Some areas are different shades of brown, and it looks almost dirty, or spotty.  It looks like the wallet my great grandfather carried for over 50 years.  What’s going on?

A:  That’s called “patina”.  In 75 years, your great grandson will thank you for your Mascon purchase. 


Q:  I like to carry pictures of my family in my wallet.  Suggestions?

A:  That’s what empty wall space and picture frames and are for. 


Q:   I currently carry 25 credit card sized items in my wallet.  Credit cards, driver’s license, library card, membership card, etc.  Will 25 cards fit in one of your Mascon wallets?

A:   Comfortably, no.   Let’s be honest.  How often do you pull out your library card?  Our suggestion is to take note of the cards you use at least once a week.   All of the other cards can be stowed away in your old Macy’s wallet and tossed into your glove box, brief case, or desk drawer (or cut up). 


Q: I received my Mascon wallet.  It looks a little different than what I saw on the website.  What’s going on?

A:  A few things may be going on here:

  • Lighting & Angles – Mascon’s photographer makes every attempt to portray every item with accuracy, however, leather is a natural product and therefore different colors and effects appear with different lighting and angles of each shot taken.
  • Again, being that leather is a natural product, there may be random scars, brands, markings, etc. on the hides which may, by chance, make it onto a section of your item.  These characteristics make your item 100% unique.  Often, clients request and prefer such uniqueness.   Consider yourself lucky, there was no additional charge for the addition of unique characteristics to your item.




 Q:  How do I place a custom Order? 

 A:  The best way to start the process is to use the Contact feature on this site.  (Please see the first question above pertaining to lead / wait time.)


Q:  Can I change any details of my order?

A:  Possibly:

  • On custom orders:
    • Probably ---> If crafting has not yet begun.
    • Probably not ---> If crafting has already begun.
    • No ---> If the item is already packaged or shipped.
  • On pre-made items:
    • Probably ---> If the change is a simple and minor one.
    • Probably not ---> If the change is at all in-depth.
    • No ---> If the item is already packaged or shipped.


 Q:  Can I cancel my order?

 A:  Possibly:

  • Yes ---> If the item has not yet been packaged or shipped.
  • No ---> If the item is already packaged or shipped.



 Q:  Do you ship internationally?

A:  Yes. 




Q: Does Mascon Leather accept monetary "Tips & Donations"? 

A:  Mascon’s legal team has flagged this question as, “UNDER REVIEW”.


Q:  Do you do restoration of old leather items?   

A:  I have in the past, but due to the current work load, "not at this time".


Q:  Can we feature your product on our website (or blog, or review, etc.)?

A: Of course!  Click on the Contact link and we can discuss the details.



Q:  Where is your shop located?

A:  If you recall your high school trip to Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, that’s where Mascon Leather is.   


Q:  Can we sell you products in our consignment shop?

A:  Not at this time.  


Q:  Are you on Facebook and Instagram?

A:  Yes.

* Instagram ---> Here

* Facebook ---> Here


 Q:  I have a question that's not listed here (believe it or not).  Now what?

 A:  Click on the Contact link!  In most cases, depending on assistant's schedules, you’ll get a response within 24 hours of your question's submission.