Mouse Pad with Wrist Pad


Mouse Pad with Wrist Pad


Lead Time:
The current lead time is approximately 14-15 weeks for build and ship. 

(If you'd like a mouse pad without the wrist pad, contact me directly and this can be accommodated.  Price is $100.00.)

Made from two layers of Horween Dublin Leather.   Hand stitched with a slight ergonomic pad for your wrist (also hand stitched in place).

* Hand cut 

* Hand stitched 

* Tiger / Ritza Thread

* Edges dyed, beveled, burnished and smoothed

* Measures 8.5" x 8.5"

This wallet is made with Horween Dublin.  Being a natural material, the shade of leather will vary with each pad made.  If you'd like to specify a preference towards light or dark, please let me know when placing your order. 


Domestic – Free of charge

International - $10.00 flat rate



Thread Color:
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