Mascon Leather "Virtual" Tour

I’m often asked if I could give a “virtual tour” of the Mascon Leather. Today, on a bit of a whim, I walked around and snapped some shots. Pardon the mess.

The first section of photos are of the leather studio itself. The second section are of the photo studio.

Magazine Photo Shoot


We had a few special guests over to the house / studio yesterday. A few months ago I was asked to have “Mascon Leather” featured in an upcoming issue of “Distinction” magazine. Of course that means an interview and photo shoot. The magazine’s Creative Director, E.J. Troudt, arrived in the morning and brought with him the Adam Ewing Photography team (Adam Ewing and Jeff Master). The crew systematically and efficiently took over the leather studio, leather loft and photo room, setting up camera gear, lights, laptops, tripods, backdrops and more.

Adam is the most brilliant photographer I’ve ever witnessed, in print and in person. His eye for light, angles, and camera settings are as instinctive to him as walking is to a normal person. His assistant, Jeff, is equally as talented with the work he put in . Jeff seemed to anticipate everything (gear, softboxes, lights, lenses, booms, etc.) required for the perfect shots. It’s clear why E.J. is the “Creative Director”. His staging and photo composition were spot on, for every shot and angle. They were all nothing short of amazing.

Look for the full feature and photos in the June issue of “Distinction” Magazine. Available on newsstands everywhere on June 6, 2019.

A few behind the scenes shots are here.